Brie- French D'Affinos Excellence  SPECIAL PRICE , EACH

Brie- French D'Affinos Excellence SPECIAL PRICE , EACH

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Made by Fromagerie Guilloteau in Pélussin, which is located in the picturesque hills of the Rhone Valley. This triple cream is crafted using a unique ultrafiltration technique that retains proteins, fat and minerals in the paste. This makes it naturally richer in calcium and other minerals than other soft cheeses.

Excellence cheese ripens for up to three weeks with unique lactic ferments developed by Guilloteau.

The smoothness and infinite sweetness of this decadent, triple cream cheese, is due to the extra cream that is added. This milk is collected from dairies in the surrounding countryside and this extra cream gives an elegant, silky-buttery mouth feel that adds to the enjoyment of this cheese.